A Clever Twist on Cloning

science fiction book coverMirolla is a deeply imaginative and skillful author. He tells us of Fausto and is aging grandfather, who secretly visit a biosphere that seems to preserve various animal and plant species. His parents don’t have much faith in the old man. Then Fausto witnesses him in a vicious and violent act that seals his fate.

This is a story, for me, of how mankind repeats the same mistakes, as life after life, Fausto is forced to experience. The poor guy is trapped with the clones of Mussolini, Rachele – Il Duce’s wife, and Claretta – his mistress. It’s interesting that he chose Mussolini. I wish I could recall what he told our audience at Word Up (wordupbarrie.com), a writers’ reading series north of Toronto, about why he thought Mussolini was the right guy to trap a person in a never-ending hell of vengeful acts, but it was enough to make me buy the book.

sci-fi writer Michael MirollaThere are a host of unique creatures, both from familiar fantasy, his own imagination and out of reality. There is a world of darkness and violence that I had trouble with, but kept reading. I had to know what was next. The trouble with violence books is, one does have to keep reading, unlike watching moves when one can turn a head or close both eyes.

If you’re seeking an uncommon experience and surprises, this is worth the read.

You can buy his book here: http://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00C4GTNUG/


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