A Book Review of Timothy Carter’s, Epoch

Book cover of Timothy Carter's EpochI met Tim at Polaris 25, a fun annual sci-fi event in Toronto. I was attempting to sell my fantasy art at a table that was situated right beside his. He had lots of adoring fans visit his table, rifling through his new books and telling tales of how they enjoyed the ones they’d already read. It was my first year at Polaris, so it was great to see adoring fans of a new writer like Timothy Carter.

So I offered him a trade. He had other books displayed on his table but I felt compelled to read ‘Epoch’. I most specifically recall seeing ‘Attack of the Intergalactic Soul Hunters’ and ‘Evil’. You’ll find info on those and a few others on his website, http://www.timothycarterworld.com

‘Epoch’ begins it’s story with a boy trying to survive a science fair. Vincent Drear is being raised by a family of religious fanatics hell bent on saving souls from demons because the end of the world is coming. And is it ever! Of course, if you’re going to include demons in a book about the world’s end, then mutinous corporations have got to be in the mix, along with distasteful elves with their own agenda. Add a school bully and a few flying pixies with supernatural strength and you’ve got the makings of a unique set of obstacles for a brave young boy to maneuver.

‘Epoch’ is, in short, a story of how a boy, divided from his family by his inability to share their religious views and his own open mind, that allows him to see a world they cannot. This crazy world Vincent is able to see and understand, easily enjoyed should you have the same wacky sense of humour that Timothy Carter has, could divide him from his family even after the world ends. But does it?  You’ll have to read it to find out.

It’s got 299 pages. I didn’t need my glasses to read it! And I read it all. It made light and interesting summer reading. It’s great for people 12 and up and young adults.

No, Mr. Carter is not the next Stephen King or J. K. Rowling. He’s in a category all his own, and I think he likes it that way. Find his books and learn more about the author below:

Tim’s Site

Tim’s Blog

Support a new author. Buy one of his books from Amazon!


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