Muse in the Molecule

I was intrigued by the title. “DMT: the Spirit Molecule“. It seemed right up my ally, seeing that my Muse still hasn’t returned. It’s a documentary about an account of Dr. Rick Strassman’s DMT research through a multifaceted approach to the hallucinogen found in the human brain and hundreds of plants. It has interviews with a variety of experts explaining their thoughts and experiences with DMT within their respective fields, and discussions with Strassman’s research volunteers.  It clearly illustrates the effects of this compound under controlled circumstances and far-reaching theories regarding its role it could play in human consciousness.

I want me some DMT (stands for Di-Methyl Tryptamine). Apparently I could just do some mushrooms for a similar effect, but it’s the full mind-expanding, touching the heavens sort of experience I’d like to have. Doc Strassman’s subjects were safely under the influence of this drug, which in essence, turns something on in the centre of our brain and makes us feel transported, even transcended to the spiritual realm, or realms.

I feel disconnected from this part of me. I lost it in a dream, believe it or not. (I’ve told very few people, but I’ve decided it’s worth sharing here.) When I lost my brother David, my Dad and my Mom I had dreams of each of them. I saw them in their new life and was able to somehow visit them through my dream world. They were their regular energetic, talkative selves and they had things to say to me. “Linda, go easy on your Mom. Be kind,” Dad told me once when Mom and I weren’t getting along. “I’ll be right back!” my Mom said while riding a bike down our old street. I’d never seen her ride a bike, which I took as a message unto itself.

The last dream I remember was of having lunch with Mom and Dad. I was doing all the talking. That never happened!! They were the talkers, not me. I thought about it for some time. I had a pile of those dreams. Were they just wish fulfillment? Because I missed them so much? What about the rest of the dreams? What were they? Was I creating a dream world based on my own beliefs and desires to have them in my life? If so, it wasn’t real. It never was.

And so, I’ve been living with this sense of loss, yet again. I felt like I lost the family again, as well as this little world I created in my head – the world of the spirit, where God hung out.

The part of me that wants it back would really like to check out south America and go on one of those  DMT tours, aka Spirit Quest! Maybe I could find my same old Muse, and a few more to tag along for the ride!

by visual artist and art instructor (and sometimes writer) Linda Laforge.
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