I Fired my Muse

I had a wonderful time taking to a fellow artist Lisa Steinke today. We talked a lot about getting in touch and working with our muses, and it just occurred to me that I may have actually fired mine. I not only suppressed it, I think I actually evicted it!

For those of you who aren’t sure what a Muse actually is, the brief description would be (verb) to think or meditate in silence, as on some subject; to gaze meditatively or wonderingly; to meditate on and to comment thoughtfully or ruminate upon. That’s from Dictionary.com and is actually the worst description I’ve probably ever seen.

artist seeking my museEach person’s Muse can come to them in different ways.

It’s that unexplainable thing that sparks creativity and somehow melds or is in itself our connection to a spiritual realm. Some creatives visualize their muse as a man or woman or even as an animal. There is a direct correlation between these mystical experiences that bring with them the incredible insight and the inspiration to solve some of the worlds greatest problems or create mankind’s most amazing art.

And here’s me, still trying to find myself in my art, Museless. It’s not that I haven’t had ideas! It’s not that I haven’t tried new things. New mediums in painting. New themes. Lots of new, and it’s all pretty much a struggle that I’d never had before. As you know, I’ve written a few blog posts so far on CreativeThinking Processes – also tools that come naturally to most artists.

It’s the inspired artists we’re drawn to, though isn’t it?

It’s the David Bowies and Mick Jaggers and Andy Warhol’s of the world we are attracted to. Now think on this. If you saw Mick Jagger prancing down the street and he was never a musician and never a member of the Rolling Stones – just a regular Joe Schmo, would you want to jump his bones ladies (and gents?)? Nuh uh. It’s that connection to something bigger and brighter, and sometimes darker, that draws us into their vortex. Their Muse is so damn sexy it makes them bigger than they seem.

And I fired mine! Why? That’s another blog post in itself, but in short, I lost faith in God. I’m still trying to find my way back and I can’t tell you what that new belief will form into, but I have been lost without it. Just lost. So, Muse! If you’re out there, please come back. I am sorry.

Any ideas on what I can do to coax it back. I’m sure it’s quite pissed off at me by now…

by visual artist and art instructor (and sometimes writer) Linda Laforge.
See her art and some of her writing at www.LindaLaforge.com

Inspired by and deeply grateful to artist Lisa Steinke. See her amazing work here!


  1. Vanessa Leanage

    Hi Linda,

    I love the topic of the muse that you’ve written about and explored here. I think of a muse as something or someone who inspires me to create and that propels me forward, as a visual artist and a long-time journal writer, myself. A muse for me has been a force in nature that provides me with comfort and also floods me with energy by being within its beauty. I love how you’ve described it as “…that connection to something bigger and brighter, and sometimes darker, that draws us into their vortex.” I feel the same way.

    Sometimes we ourselves, are a muse for someone else, sometimes aware of our role in their creative life and sometimes not. Many artists are known to have been inspired by a lover or their love for someone else who is close to them. I had no idea until I read your article that one could fire a muse but it made me laugh and makes total sense. Now, it seems, you are on a quest to find a new muse and would like to coax it back into your life. When I read your articles, I feel inspired and so perhaps your both amusing and a muse to others which makes me redefine what a muse can be, thank-you! I wonder if a muse can be ones self? Hmm…

    I’m happy to read about your journey and by doing so, I am thinking new thoughts about my relationship to my muses. Yes I do have more than one as nature is humongous and I love being a part of someones life and creations, in whatever way that might be, but especially, through sharing and exploring what touches our hearts and moves us to be who we are! Whether it’s the moon shining on the lake rippling its light toward the shoreline where I stand or whether it’s a tiny tear glinting in the corner of someones eye as they smile after our connection, maybe a muse can be a single moment when something sparks our soul to dance a new dance and sing a new song. The ballet comes to mind and its orchestra roams from peek to depth while the dancers move rhythmically and dramatically saying what no words could using only their bodies but using them fully! The dark and the light, the movement through time and space, the connection to another living being and what that does inside ourselves … that’s the muse to me. I know that you will find your muse again because you’ve reached out with ideas, openheartedness and a question so a muse will answer you. That’s a big part of their job description isn’t it? Are you sure that you only need one?

    Vanessa Leanage

  2. Why should i o it

    Thanks for the great article..

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