Characters of Ashes

I am an artist, so it makes sense that people would be asking me to draw my characters. When writing, I do grab images online that look like my characters and add them to my character profiles.  In this case, I never did find one for Dr. Norrel at all … until now!

So I finally did draw them! It took me forever to find my doctor, but when I did I was surprised I hadn’t thought of this sooner. Hope you like them!

These are both drawn in pencil on acid free paper, then pasted to an original hand written manuscript page.


Emily Baker, my hero

Robert Carlyle drawing

The strange and mysterious Dr. Norrel

It wasn’t entirely intentional, but yes, my doctor looks a lot like Robert Carlyle. Wouldn’t it be cool if he played him? Here’s to wishful thinking. I am selling a handful of black and white prints. Message me if you’re interested!

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