I am published!

“Anyone Can Draw in Ten Sessions” by me, Linda Laforge, is now available on Amazon. Yay! It’s available on Kindle and Paperback now, on the US and European Amazon sites. Not sure why they don’t sell this title on the Canadian site, but hopefully that will change in time. You can click the link below to get s sneak peek at the book. If you ever did want to learn to draw,...

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My Writing Process – Hold on to Your Socks!

You might just think I am completely off my rocker, but this is how I write. I sleep. (Thank God for the nights I actually do sleep!) I dream. I wake up and remember my dream. I go back to sleep. (If I’m lucky.) I continue my dream. (I think it’s called Lucid Dreaming.) I wake up. I write an outline of what I was dreaming about. I work, eat, clean stuff, work, eat some more …...

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