By Diane G. on January 8, 2015

Ashes by Linda Laforge


Honestly, that doesn’t sound very good to me.

So. I was surprised by where this story went. I was completely involved right from the start. And what a start! I went with all the twists and turns and at one point thought to myself that it was literally “freaky” good. I liked it. Loved the characters. Feel like I know them. Everyone was so accepting of the insane circumstances. I gather this is a first in series for them (I hope) as I’m not sure I would be as happy with everyone if this is a stand alone. I need to know…more.

Okay, maybe possibly a few slight *spoiler alerts* here…

I am sincerely not happy about Alexis. Would have liked to have seen the change in that personality! It could have been a nice connection to Em’s former life. The ending broke my heart. Not all the mushy stuff. It was just too soon! The Doctor?? I don’t like that he was not reunited with them. I hope for a sequel. I am perfectly happy with the level of “horror, sci-fi, dystopia” etc. involved as I am not exactly a horror genre fan. If you think about it the things that do occur are fairly scary but the way it’s all presented made it alright with me. The whole soul as parasites theory kinda cracks me up. Who thinks like that? Linda. Linda does! lol


I was pleasantly surprised by this book as I am not one to search out books such as I have just described. There is a lightness, a sort of humor hovering throughout that made it a good read for me.

Recommended to anyone who likes weird, freaky, sci-fi, alien, end of the world as you know it stories.

I received this book from the author/publisher after being selected as a winner in the Goodreads First Reads Giveaway. Thanks Linda!

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