Julianne Snow rated it 5 of 5 stars – Nov 17, 2014
… I met Linda at FanExpo 2014 when we ended up side by side, sharing a table edge. We were both there to sell our books and talk about great Indie fiction with the masses of soon-to-be adoring fans.
I will admit the tagline of her book caught my attention and I gladly shelled out my hard earned dollars to buy a copy. That tagline is:
A Girl.
A Baby.
A Mass Extermination.
Who wouldn’t get drawn in by such intrigue? The imagery alone that ran through by brain at that moment is hard to quantify and yet, I knew that was I was thinking was likely to match what the plot line actually entailed. It’s a book with themes of dystopia, science fiction, fantasy and horror all melding together seamlessly. It’s an interesting premise and Laforge’s take on what souls and their origins is something I have not encountered, making it wholly unique.

When I cracked open the spine a few days after Fan Expo was over, I was immediately drawn into the tale. Told in the first person, it draws you in and you begin to feel like you know Emily. You feel her pain at what she’s gone through and there’s a part of you that genuinely want to help her find answers.

All of the characters are believable and while it may be a book told from the first person perspective, it’s not missing the character development that you normally see in a book told from the third person POV. If I had to pick a favourite, it’s a toss up between Emily and Dr. Norrell who is painted in such a way that you truly felt his social awkwardness.

If you’re looking for something different that melds a few genres together, I wholehearted recommend Ashes. It’s got an interesting and eclectic set of characters that ring true to life and a plot that will leave you wanting more once the book is finished—I sincerely hope Laforge is working on a sequel!

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