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Creating without the Muse

Last time I let you know that I ‘fired my muse’! I’ve been experiencing a spiritual crisis and I have not be talking about it, to anyone. I have a lot of mixed emotions surrounding this subject. As an artist who has always felt my biggest inspirations have come from something greater than myself, I felt like a traitor to even admit I could possibly be deluding myself. As a logical, thinking adult who has also always questioned everything, I tried giving myself some slack. I mean, even Mother Theresa experienced this same doubt!

writing mugSo, to date, my Muse hasn’t returned, although I’ve been working away without him, her or it. I have been writing a novella based on my feelings and insane imagination. I made one decision in 2012 regarding my writing. Finish the books I’ve started. I didn’t manage to finish one last year, but am close to completing this one. Mainly because it’s going to be short – say 25 chapters – and because the last chapters I get to vent my actual contrary feelings and thoughts on religion and spirituality. Using my characters as devil and advocate make it much more easier for me to be expressive.

This year I’ve decided my books need to be shorter! Novella sized, which is really just a shorter novel. I asked for some classic sci-fi books for Christmas and discovered they’re all really tiny! Tiny books, packed full of such brilliant ideas we’re still making movies out of them, like ‘War of the Worlds‘ and ‘the Time Machine‘. I’m hoping to find ‘Village of the Damned‘, originally a novella by John Wyndham from 1957 called ‘The Midwich Cuckoos‘. (Have read a lot of John Wyndham.)

I hope to finish draft one off this crazy novella by the end of February! Then my friends have to read it and give me constructive feedback!

So, take that Muse!

by visual artist and art instructor (and sometimes writer) Linda Laforge.
See her art and some of her writing at www.LindaLaforge.com

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